Tuesday, September 13, 2011

REVIEW: Galacto Kids

Galacto Kidz is a new, social, and safe virtual world for kids, founded by Elizabeth Loennborn, fellow blogger and mother of twins. We provide an interactive and educational gaming website set in an out-of-this-world spaceship where kids can control an alien avatar, play a host of games independently or with others on the site, socialize with other players through a fun chat feature, and much more, all the while being moderated to maintain internet safety and COPPA standards. is currently giving away free registrations for you, my readers—no codes needed! We would love if your readers would sign up and check it out. Register for free at

Here’s a little more info on Galacto Kidz:

· is an interactive and safe virtual world for tweens.

· Kids choose a fun alien avatar to explore a stellar spaceship, collect cool items by playing arcade-style and educational games, chat with buddies, and much more.

· The safety of this virtual world goes far beyond COPPA requirements: parents can see what games their child is playing, view their friends and chat logs, and even block players if necessary.

The kiddos LOVE any interactive games on the computer.  Riley really got into this one (the space theme), Samantha, not so much - she said it was too boyish.  

They have the game marked in their favorites, and I know Riley plays on the website quite a bit.

I haven't played on it much, I did check it out and liked the way it looked.  I also liked the way that they had to take AND pass an internet safety quiz before they could go on with the game.

They played on and off over the summer, Samantha has gone on to *more girly* websites, but Riley still enjoys playing on Galacto Kids!

Something else I want to add.. customer service is very important to me.  We had some log in issues (the fault was on our end) but I contacted the website and recieved a reply from Elizabeth herself and she helped get us straightened out and up and running. Good customer service is a key in me recommending a product, and this company has great customer service!

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